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Anonymous asked:

Do you think it's possible to be both bisexual and homoromantic? My sister's come out to my parents and me but we all think she's just gay. We love her anyway but she's mad because we're confused about how she can be two contrasting things.


I think people generally know their own sexuality better, by living it, than their family does, just by looking at them sometimes.

Additionally bisexuals face a lot of erasure and social stigma, and people who like multiple genders are always getting pressured to ‘fess up’ to being just gay or just straight. But we’re not, no matter how long or how frequently we date one gender or another. 

If your sister says she’s bisexual, she knows best here. If she feels romantic feelings predominantly for girls, she’s still bisexual. If she marries a girl, she’s still bisexual. If she never touches a dude’s dick in her whole life, she is still bisexual.  

Lesbian relationships, gay relationships, straight relationships, even poly relationships, are not even remotely contrasting someone’s self identification as bisexual, because bisexuality means you like the same and other genders, or male and female genders, or male and female and other genders. Basically any possible dating activity from here on out she could be doing with other consenting adults is totally covered under ‘she said she was bisexual, so that’s what she’s being’. 

Goddamn. Go apologize to your sister for going and talking to a total stranger to try and get info to use to invalidate her identity. 


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